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Sound design is the method of recording, manipulating and even creating sounds for media. 

VO or Voice Over is the process of recording the human voice for commercials, podcast, narration and more. We offer this service in collaboration with The Audio Asylum.

Game Audio

This service encompesses sound design and foley. We use programs like Unity and Unreal Engine to plant audio in the right spot and have the audio trigger whenever the action performed calls for it. 

Foley is the art of recording sound effects for movies, video games, and other media for post-production. Things like footsteps, chewing, doors opening and neck cracking are just a few of the countless sounds recorded. These recordings usually help to make the overall quality of the project better.

Sound Design

Voice Over

The music industry is what we excel in. We can create music in whatever genre you request. We can, also, compose scores for your movies or commercials.

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An infusion of talents shared between two twins, Atlanta-based Futago-Shinobi set out to craft their blend of convincingly futuristic, reverberating, and genre-defying soundscapes. For them, music is a gift, and one that can’t be wasted.

Futago-Shinobi's fixation for wide, panoramic sounds, spatial effects, reverb, synthesizers and organic instruments reflects heavily on their signature sound. Drawing an influence from an eclectic array of artists such as San Holo, Drake, Bryson Tiller and Nujabes, Futago-Shinobi pride themselves on their ability to produce music that is not only timeless, but genreless. Although recent EP's have honed in on themes of heartbreak and depression, the pair are no strangers to producing high-octane tracks that exert an abundance of energy.

Notably, the pair have released a track that was used as the song for the radio show, ‘Straight Talk’ with Stevie Ray (hosted by one half of Harlem Heat, former WCW tag team champion). Looking forward, they are putting out a release of a Future Bass track on May 14th 2021, which will be followed up by a Lo-fi Hip Hop EP later in the year. 

The Business

In 2020 Futago-Shinobi set out to create a company that would allow them to use their acquired skills. They named their business Futago-Shinobi Creative Services, LLC and after registering their business they set out to provide their services with the world. Offering services such as Audio Engineering, Music Production, Voice Overs, Sound Design and much more.

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